Now Offering Fenix VIP Services

FMS has developed a suite of VIP Services to help customers save time and money by enabling them to precisely tailor the delivery of their most critical cargo through an advanced appointment scheduling processes.

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Working directly with our commercial partners like Blume Global and with our proprietary Artificial Intelligence (AI) engine, HONE, this program will allow customers to decide the level of urgency to schedule the pick up of their containers.

Mission Sync Mobile App

Download Our App To Optimize Truck Wait Times

Effective August 24, 2020 all grounded import deliveries at Fenix Marine Services will begin using the Mission Sync mobile trucker app to optimize trucker staging and to greatly improve the delivery speed from the grounded import piles serviced by Fenix’s RTG yard cranes.

Truckers visiting Fenix Marine Services will need to download and install the Mission Sync mobile trucker app, available for iPhone and Android, prior to arrival at the FMS terminal to reduce delays while on terminal.

The Mission Sync app provides real time staging and delivery instructions by scanning the barcode on the gate transaction ticket. Full instructions and user guide are available for viewing and download at the link below.

Free WiFi connectivity at FMS for users of Mission Sync.

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Fenix HONE

FMS has developed a proprietary, industry leading innovation designed to increase terminal operating efficiency.  The solution, The HONE (Hyper Optimized Nodal Efficiency) AI engine, is based on the latest Artificial Intelligence methodology and is designed to ensure stable and predictable operating performance for our customers while improving turn times and increasing productivity of our fleet of RTG cranes.